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Modern and Professional platform to generate good returns to that of traditional investments.


Finding best way to reach short term and long term goals in a systematic manner.


Best way to protect life, property and health etc., from risks and uncertain events.

Financial Planning

Showing direction for clear pathway by removing hurdles to create wealth in skilled way.

Financial Experts

We are expertise in dealing with stock market, mutual funds, insurance and wealth creation.

Customer Focused

We give priority for clients’ needs and wants, based on income, age, risk and goals.

We are available for any financial help!

We are here to guide you on financial products and helps in creating affluence with proper investment techniques along with life protection strategy.

About Us

We are “Alfinz” it means all about finance. We are registered with MCA (Ministry Of Corporate Affairs) as “Alfinz Advisory Services” and office located at Jagtial Dist, Telangana. We are qualified in “Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management”, “Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives” from NISM (National Institute of Securities Management). We educate and simplify concepts of finance and to deliver personalized advice in creating wealth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alfinz deals with financial services such as stock market, Mutual Funds, Insurance and Financial Planning.

Q : How to Invest in Stock Market ?

A : To invest in stock market ,we need to open Demat and Trading account with broker.

Q : What is Trading and Demat account ?

A: Trading : which is the platform between exchanges and user , where provided by a depositor participant (DP) who is registered by SEBI ,by this we can buy and sell shares.

Demat : Where all your purchased stocks will be allocated to demat account in electronic form against your name in (T+2 days)

Note: With increase in technology now, we can open trading and demat account in online

Q : What are the types of Equity Market ?

A : It consist of two Primary and Secondary markets Primary Market : Here the companies for creation of long term capital and fresh issue of securities takes place in primary market as IPO (initial public offer)

Secondary Market : Here it facilitates the liquidity and marketability of existing securities . It ensures a true and fair dealing for protection of the investors interest.

Q : Who is a stock broker ?

A : The broker who is registered with SEBI and the one who provides platform for trading securities. we have traditional and discount brokers in India.

Q : What is a Mutual fund ?

A : Mutual fund is an investment, where pool of money collected from different investors, which are managed by fund manager . fund manager puts all money in different stocks and he will share some returns to all investors.

Q : Is it necessary to invest in Mutual fund ?

A : Mutual fund are always better investment to reach your long term financial goals . It should be based on your goals, time horizon and risk profile. SIP (systematic investment plan ) is the best strategy to invest regularly in mutual funds without bothering about market conditions.

Q : Is there any guaranteed returns in Mutual funds ?

A : There are no guaranteed returns in mutual funds, which is subjected to market risk. based on past performance of mutual funds in India, chance of getting returns 9% to 15%.

Q : Can we invest in mutual funds through online ?

A : Yes, we have plenty of direct platforms available in market. Example give : Coin Zerodha , which is the best and direct platform to invest in mutual funds with zero commission. One platform we can invest in both Stocks and Mutual funds both are Zero brokerage.

Q : What is Insurance ?

A: Protection of life and property from risks and natural calamities.

Q : Is insurance is necessary ?

A: Taking insurance is very important in everyone life , it ensures that you are economically assured to face any type of problem in life.

Q : Difference between Life and Health insurance?

A:. Life insurance which is individual safety, which full fill your family needs, when you are absent. Health insurance which covers all your medical needs.

Q : Difference between whole life insurance and term insurance?

A: Term insurance provides only death benefit, incase of demise where as life insurance offers both death and maturity benefits.

Q : What is financial planning ?

A : Which enable all your routes to reach your short term and long term goals. It has some steps like Evaluate your income, next setting up your goals, having a plan and reviewing your progress.

Q : What is financial freedom ?

A : The money you required in a situation whether it is good or critical to cover your living expenses. It is not about being rich or having crores money.

Q : On what factors to be consider to create wealth ?

A : In order to create wealth (money) some factors are mandatory like Income, Risk appetite, Time horizon , and Goal oriented.

Q : What is difference between Savings and Investing ?

A : Savings are mainly for short term goals. Here the probability of risk is very low. like the amount which you deposited in savings account. Investing is all about how much risk you willing to take, in every investment is common factor, so plan according to your goals.

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