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Hi! We are “Alfinz”, we provide information and suggestions about finance. We are registered with MCA (Ministry Of Corporate Affairs) as “Alfinz Advisory Services” and the office is located at Jagtial Dist, Telangana. We are qualified in “Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management”, “Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives” from NISM (National Institute of Securities Management).

We educate and simplify concepts of finance and deliver personalized advice in creating affluence. We all go through finance related products that help the common man understand about money and its role in building his secure life. We discuss the concepts of stock market, mutual funds, insurance, and also wealth creation thereby giving maximum potential to involve in the financial sector which are necessary to lead a happy and relaxed life. We will also plunge into some of the academic explanations no matter what your situation is, all of these concepts are important to understand and help clarify inner queries. Our team helps in designing a plan that brings all under one roof by considering factors like income, risk profile, time and goals thereby you can take a decision in reaching your goals in a clear path. We also advise on diversifying your wealth into different platforms so that you can be risk-free in critical situations. 


To bring awareness on financial products and different strategies available for investments to all categories of people irrespective of place, gender and age. Most of the people knowingly or unknowingly participate only in traditional investments. This slowdown the growth of the economy. We want to change the ideology of perception on investments into broadways which helps in boosting the Indian economy. Finally we want to give the importance of investments in everyone’s life in fulfilling all the dreams and goals.


We are not SEBI registered advisors. Equity based investments are subjected to market risk and it's volatility. The information we provide is only for educational purposes with an intention to bring awareness on financial products. Before investing in stocks or mutual funds do complete analysis.

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We provide expert investment strategies and related services for consultation. We help you secure your financial future.

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Based on customer needs and wants, we provide different strategies for creation of wealth in long-run.

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We always make time available for our customers 24/7. We always value client's time.

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We offer affordable prices for all kind of financial services as per client requirements.

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