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Money plays a key role in every human life. In the current situation without money there is no value for human beings. Such money we can earn in two ways

  • Job or Business
  • Investments, to get extra wealth

Enhancement in technology and awareness about diversification of money came with a wide variety of investment platforms. Now, we can learn how to invest your secured money.

With the help of your hard earned money, you can invest in different platforms like:

  • Investment on land
  • Metal Investment (Gold , Silver etc)
  • Fixed Deposits, Post office
  • Mutual funds,
  • Stock market.

So, let us discuss above all in Detail:

Investment on land:

Merits Demerits
Regular income stream in case of rented Need huge capital
Security as an asset with appreciation in value with time factor Legal difficulties
Can avail loan against property Maintenance cost
Tax benefits on long term profits and also rental revenue Property taxes

Metals like Gold / Silver:

Merits  Demerits
Gold investments are better to hedge against inflation Issue with storage being a precious metal
Traditional investment and desired commodity Prices are set by international markets
Hold its value over period of time No tax benefits
Mostly appreciable asset May have chances in buying less purity gold with lack of knowledge

Fixed Deposits / Post Office: 

Merits  Demerits
Fixed and guaranteed returns Low rate of returns
Safe May not enjoy the benefits of diversification
Very flexible 1,3,6 months, 1,2,5 yrs No tax benefits
Liquidity No loans can be taken once we cancel F.D and if any loan taken against F.D , we can’t cancel until we repay all loan amount

Mutual Fund:

Merits  Demerits
Easy to participate Subject to market risk
Achieving financial goal is easy May incur expenses for promoting fund scheme
Regulated and monitored by SEBI ELSS funds have lock in period of 3 years
No need of knowledge and updating in markets Liquidity of funds takes 2-3 working days excluding liquid funds

Stock Market:

Merits  Demerits
Easy to participate High volatility
Unlimited opportunity of investment Need patience
Economic stability in long term Need knowledge for selecting stocks
Investment opportunities to small savers Need for updating in news and events related markets

Start investing in Stocks and Mutual funds

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