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What Investments Are You Planning For Your Child Future?

First of all we bow our head and would like to thank all parents who ever taking care of children with great love.

Now a days, irrespective of gender and income sources, all the parents are doing investments on children education.

The Government of India has introduced “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan” scheme, which is mandate for every children to become free and compulsory education in between the age group of 6-14 years. It’s a great initiative for country economy to increase literacy rate.

Most of the parents are struggling hard for children education to some extent, like till SSC (10th class). Soon after SSC completion expenditure on education suddenly jumps and may become difficult for the parents to cope up.

Now, we have some questions for you: 

Questions for you

  • What if you need some huge amount for continuing your child education till he/she becomes self-able?
  • Is investment on education is only enough for child?
  • What if your child fails to achieve your aspired targets?
  • How do you manage money if your child select a unique course which cost a huge amount?
  • Can you say honestly that people who are doing their job on the same platform what they have studied?
  • Finally, apart from investment on education, whether all parents doing enough investments for children marriage?

We have solutions for above queries!

There is an excellent saying which co relates with investment. i.e.

“Plant a tree today and enjoy fruits after some years”- Prabhu Das

The only answer for all above queries is “Start Investing” right from today and stay protected.

What are the investment tools available?

  • Sukanya Samridhhi Yojana
  • Fixed Deposits/Post office savings
  • Smart Kid Plan (ULIP) by ICICI Pru Life
  • Health insurance
  • Mutual Funds
  • Stock Market

Sukanya Samridhhi Yojana: This scheme was introduced by government of India, with an intention to reach the child’s education and marriage expenses. It is a small deposit scheme launched to protect girl child as part of “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” campaign.

Fixed Deposits/ Post Office Savings: It is an old and traditional tool for regular savings to meet long term needs. All most all banks offer this scheme, which is known to all people.

But, the returns are very low ranges from 5% to 6% as per current scenario.

Smart Kid Plan (ULIP) by ICICI Pru Life: It provides education and life cover for children in case parents or guardians are passed away.  Click here to sign up for insurance

Health Insurance: It is good product and which minimizes our hospitalization cost in uncertain events. There is no particular plan for child in health insurance, it comes with complete family protection. Example given: Click here to sign up for Family health optima.

Mutual Funds: In current situation this is one of the best investment tool for all types of goals and its trending now. Mutual funds is collection of money from many people and putting them under different sectors with proper fundamental research by a professional fund manager.

It is very flexible, easy, modern investment platform. We can use mutual funds in different ways to reach our all types of targets.


  • We can invest in lump sum or SIP (systematic investment plan).
  • We can redeem at any time and we can stop at any time.
  • It is complete online platform.
  • Expert management
  • Cost efficiency
  • Tax efficiency
  • Invest in smaller denomination (minimum of Rs.500/-)
  • It suits for all type of financial goals.

If you want to start investing from today, Signup here

Stock Market: It is advanced platform where buying and selling takes place in electronic way. It is riskier than all above investment tools, but give huge returns with proper fundamental research.


  • Acquire ownership and Right to vote
  • Convenience
  • Higher Liquidity
  • Higher returns in short period
  • Versatility

Start investing in stock market from today, Click here to Sign up


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